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As the basic waterproof jacket on Endura's menu, Singletrack interested me quite a bit. Endura can't be denied that she can make clothes for the Scotch Marast. That's why I was curious to see how a jacket with a fairly reasonable price tag would work.

As the basic waterproof jacket on Endura's menu, Singletrack interested me quite a bit. Endura can't be denied that she can make clothes for the Scotch Marast. That's why I was curious to see how a jacket with a fairly reasonable price tag would work.

As is proper, I’ll start with the technical terms first. The jacket is made of three-ply ExoShell 20 laminate. I was very pleasantly surprised by how soft and pleasant the material was on the body. It’s more like a lightweight softshell than a classic membrane. In this case, the figure 20 indicates breathability, or 20,000 MVTR. Of course, there can be no missing the popular water column, which in this case is 10,000 mm. Because it is a waterproof jacket, the main zippers are waterproof YKK. The Singletrack also has three outer pockets, two inner and a vent under the armpits that provide standard zippers with a cover lesion. The bottom of the jacket can be pulled off with one hand, but I never used that because I like the loose end of the jacket Nor did I use the outlet for the headphones in my breast pocket. I don’t listen to music while I’m riding.

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ExoShell 20 has a slight striker and the jacket has a pleasantly loose cut overall, so it absolutely does not restrict any movement. Quite the opposite. I consider the loose civilian cut and look to be one of the main strengths of this jacket. If there’s not a pound of mud on it, I have no problem throwing it into town. At the same time, the details that are crucial to a good bikini jacket are clearly visible. First of all, it’s a sufficiently elongated back that covers the whole loin and the back. The hem of my jacket ends just above the saddle as I ride. Nor did they spare on sleeve lengths in Endura. I really like the elongated top of the wrist, which is stretched a good three centimeters against the inside. It’s a little thing, but it works perfectly. Hoods are inherent to weather protection. It can accommodate my XLk helmet, no problem. But it seems a bit of a shame that without a helmet, or a hat, she’s almost useless on her head. It doesn’t have a retraction around the perimeter of the head or a solid brace of the visor. The skinning around the face works perfectly with the helmet. It pulls the collar up to the chin, and it doesn’t blow into the hood as much as it does, nor does it rain outright. However, without a helmet, the visor is pulled over the eyes and holds no shape. A pure bicycle hood. If it’s not pouring and you don’t want to drive around with an air bag behind your head, you can roll up the hood and make a collar. But laziness never let me do that…

I especially appreciated the stress properties of the material during daily trail rides with a backpack. With a backpack, the loose cut tightens considerably, but I can still say that I didn’t feel restricted in the movement.

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As far as the technical parameters are concerned, the 20,000 MVTRs I say correspond to reality. It’s a value that doesn’t dazzle but doesn’t offend. I hope it’s clear from your own experience that the idea of a waterproof jacket that doesn’t make you sweat on your bike is tantamount to teaching your dog to talk. So, breathability is, to my mind, sufficient for a cruise pace in light terrain. With ventilation under your armpits, you can even sport a little. In practice, it seems that when I ride a singlespeed around Mac’s Lake, which is mostly a plane of short heights, I don’t have a major problem with the breathability of my jacket, and I can stay in it all day. However, if I go out on local trails, where it’s up and down, strong enough and at a pace, neither this nor any other membrane can take it.

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The 10,000m water column is indeed sufficient, contrary to popular opinion. By the way, my “dry” paddle jacket on the Pacraft is also “only” 10,000 meters, and apparently that’s enough for water. Even Singletrack went on a couple of bikerafting trips with me and managed to do it without a hitch. What could be better is the DWR adjustment of the upper material. The fact that it’s not eternal is clear, but for my taste, the DWR started disappearing pretty early. But to be fair, it’s not that Endura DWR cheats the adjustment. On the contrary, it uses a modern ecological DWR without fuorocarbon (PFC free). But, as has been confirmed to me several times, this ecological DWRka, are a little weak against the old, deadly poisons, and they go down from the textile quickly. Unfortunately, we may have no choice but to gradually get used to it, as they are passed on by all manufacturers across the outdoors.

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Now, finally, something to enjoy. I first deduced that a Singletrack was not the ideal bikepacking jacket for me. Why? First of all, even packed takes up a lot of space and is quite heavy. It’s not a miniature bookmark for wheeling in a satchel. That’s why I’ve been finding my way to it for quite a while. I started riding it in the spring, but then it hung on a hanger most of the summer. Gradually, I began to reach for it as autumn approached. I only appreciated her at the time. The minute I didn’t have to pack the jacket, but I went straight out in it, it started picking up plus points. Endura Singletrack is awesome for riding in raw weather alone. It is its purpose, after all. I’m almost not afraid to say you feel like going out even when the weather is nasty. At least he won’t meet so many people…

The higher-weight Benefit is mechanical resistance. The material is robust enough to withstand some sort of passage through the brush, or a roll through the forest cover. I inadvertently double-checked it a couple of times. This also keeps it warm. The jacket is so usable to me up to 15°C. After that, I’m really hot in it.

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The very simple detail that excited me is the inside pockets. First of all, because it’s a great use of space. The outside zipper pocket is sewn inside the jacket to create a simple compartment with top filling. It’s ideal for gloves, a scarf, and the sort of thing you want to keep warm on your body while you pause.

It’s true I looked down my nose at Singletrack at first. But the moment I got comfortable with the idea that it wasn’t a jacket I was supposed to be driving around in, it changed. The heavier but tougher stuff came in handy on the trails in the finale, and I appreciate the bike-cut details on every ride. The price tag seems more than fair on a three-layer membrane, and if you’re not a total nigger, you’ll find your place in that bag, too.


Civil appearance

Soft and stretchy material

Functional Details



Hoods without helmets don’t hold on head

Packed takes up enough space



3799 Kč

422 g



  • 3799 Kč
  • 422 g
  • XL
  • ExoShell20