Jan Žďánský 18. 1. 2020

Last year, for a long-term test, I went for the Endura Hummvee zip-off trousers, which were theoretically designed to meet the ideal of bikepacking clothing

Last year, for a long-term test, I went for the Endura Hummvee zip-off trousers, which were theoretically designed to meet the ideal of bikepacking clothing

I suppose the Scottish endura needs no introduction. Her clothes and equipment have been among the best on the market for years. That’s why I was also very curious about what Hummvee zip-offs would be. As can be seen from the zip-off markings, they are trousers with open-toed trousers. And that’s what makes them the ultimate universal piece of equipment. I’m going to try to head off the debate that there’s a whole lot to be had with the tourist pants off, and that there’s nothing fancy about it. That’s both true and false, because in my experience there’s a pretty fundamental difference between some pants and pants that are made for riding a bike.

This is especially true with Hummvee zip-offs, as there are a few details that make them almost brilliant bikepacking outfits. The advantage of the unbuckled trouser legs is perhaps more than obvious. During the day I ride in shorts, cool down in the evening, reach into my bag and put my trouser legs right over my shoes. Here’s the first detail. Fortunately, the side zipper is long enough to fit the trouser legs without removing the shoe. It’s tight because of the tight leg, but it works. The zip is also fitted with a Velcro seal. This allows the bottom of the trouser leg to be pulled around the calf so that it does not graze the transducer. Another, thicker cuff is used to tighten at the ankle.

Overall, the trim of the trouser legs is enough for “carrots,” which has its positives for cycling. I couldn’t take it anywhere else, but it’s great on a bike. Of course, anatomically shaped knees make the trouser legs not roll up and down while driving. To avoid confusion, which trouser legs belong on the left leg and which leg belong on the right leg, the zippers are color-coded. The left (heart) has red and the right black. Another small detail that makes manipulation much easier. I learned a lot about zippers while I was driving. It serves as a great temperature regulator. Not infrequently, I rode with my trouser legs, but with the zippers half unzipped. It works just fine up into the hills, or when there’s a cold wind, but it’s actually quite warm in the lee.

The shorts themselves have a pleasantly relaxed cut. They come with a belt, but it’s not strictly necessary if it bothers someone when they’re driving. The elastic waist holds equally well and has sufficient will. Plus, I haven’t seen a change in flexibility all year. I’m not a fan of cycling fashion, so I appreciate a civilian look that doesn’t draw attention to itself. The Hummvee zip-off is also only made in black, with which nothing can go wrong. Black doesn’t do much for the summer months, but that’s not such a problem because the material itself isn’t ideal for hot weather. Whole pants are made of 100% nylon, so they’re supposed to be durable in the first place. This is also matched by the weight of material and stitching. It’s obvious at the first touch that these pants will hold up. Or that it lasts a lot. All stitching holds double and most stressed parts as well as triple seams. There’s an extra-solid strip of nylon sewn into the inside of the trouser legs that it’s not humanly possible to dent. Above the rear pockets, on the other hand, is an elastic panel that keeps the shorts in place and at each other with a larger bow. I particularly appreciate this technical detail. For example, if it starts blowing and I tuck my shirt into my pants, it’ll stay there. And above all, it’s really comfortable to ride. Speaking of pockets, those are four barrels and one small above the right knee. The front pockets are all classic zip. The rear ones are dry. Fortunately, Endura’s size and depth have not been spared at all. The trousers can also be fitted with a cycle insert, but they are shipped without.

What surprised me most during my bikerafting trips was the speed of drying. In this respect, black paint and synthetic material are priceless. The nylon itself has a solid DWR treatment from the production, which will hold some drizzle at the outset, but given the amount of washing cycling shorts/trousers undergo, it won’t hold much longer. As with DWRs, however, wind protection is very good. In fact, I wouldn’t be afraid to label a whole pair of pants as non-pants. That’s how you can drive them most of the year. Except for the worst heat and the worst frost. Although I wouldn’t worry too much about the cold. However, this universality is probably what I like most about Zip-offs. One piece of clothing that I rob 11 months out of the year with, and on the road in my bag takes up space just the unbuttoned trouser legs, that seems pretty good to me.

As much as I don’t want to go into writing about clothes, Endura’s Humvee zip-off was the other way around. Whether as trousers or as stand-alone shorts, I haven’t tired of them all year, and after a while, it’s a piece that really makes sense to me.

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